The province’s public security organs to carry out 5 ~ 15 to combat economic crime awareness day act

in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of public security in May 15th, the Provincial Department of public security of the province public security organs to carry out risk prevention escort development "as the theme of" 5· 15 "Combating and preventing economic crime awareness day activities, the activities to fight against illegal fund-raising and other related economic crime and counterfeit money, bank cards and other financial crimes as the focus of publicity.


activities in the public security departments of economic investigation on the streets, in the main street, square and other places to carry out combat and prevent economic crimes of large street publicity activities around the attention of counterfeit crime, bank card crime and MLM organization and leadership activities the masses of the criminal activities, through the display panels, on-site consultation and other forms of disseminating information, centralized to show to the public the results of combat, to expose crime means, promote prevention knowledge, to further improve the people knowledge and deception.

it is understood that since 2015, the province’s public security organs at all levels of economic investigation department handled 891 cases of economic crimes, filed 827 cases, detection 710 cases, arrested 653 suspects, involving 1 billion 600 million yuan, economic losses of nearly 720 million yuan. Next, the investigative department of the province’s public security organs will further focus on the fight for the carrier, focusing on the fight against serious economic crime, while strengthening the prevention propaganda work, efforts to enhance the combat effectiveness, improve the service level of the society and the people’s livelihood, make a positive contribution to the maintenance of the order of the province’s economic and financial stability.


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