Qinghai economy in action Farewell wasteful consumption

In the end of the winter, which is different from the past consumption hot spots come again. Eat, drink, use, a wide range of people are preparing for the new year. Friends gathering, family reunion, but also on the restaurant, restaurant consumption. But many restaurants, restaurants, boxes, private rooms have the lowest consumption, invisible among the formation of wasteful consumption, contributed to the wasteful. The lowest consumption had to let consumers think twice. Because the rest of the package is not wasted; can be packaged with a return to the time to eat, the final deterioration or waste.

years ago, Ms. Jia and friends of the Party chose a restaurant that has just canceled the minimum consumption. Ms. Jia seems that there is no minimum consumption, the number of how much to eat, it will not waste. The end of the meal, Ms. Jia also ate half fish, half dish Assorted Marinated Meat left and a few doughnuts pack. She said, many restaurants have the lowest consumption, sometimes point to point, how also do not get enough number; and, finally, left a lot of, can eat. Pack back, it is almost thrown away, alas, is really a waste. Now, she said, the restaurant canceled the minimum consumption, guests ordering time, see more, the waiter will be good to remind. So much good, consumption is comfortable.

Ms. ye

more than and 10 years engaged in the catering industry also have their own views, for restaurants set minimum consumption she said, seemingly set minimum consumption, can reduce the cost of the restaurant, in fact it is not so, the restaurant profit is in attendance, is the quality and service of food. If the minimum consumption becomes a threshold, the operators and consumers will become a burden. She said, now the community is in advocate of austerity, oppose extravagance and waste, the catering industry should support this trend, and guide rational consumption of consumers, bid farewell to the waste of consumption. (author: Wang Qiongyao)


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