Xining held the sixth national population census work conference

Xining City, the sixth national census review conference held in the city hall, conference room four

Xining sixth national census review conference held in the conference room of the four floor of the municipal government. The sixth national census, deputy head of the leading group, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government Li Jianqing, director of the sixth national census deputy head of the leading group, the Municipal Bureau of statistics Shen Hongliang, deputy director, director of the sixth census bureau of Statistics Office Zhao Qiurong, three County District Four Supervisor District magistrate and district general office director attended the meeting.

meeting, director Zhao Qiurong made a report on the situation of household registration in our city, and to convey the census thoroughly, "notify the office of Qinghai Provincial People’s government, the Sixth National Census Leading Group Office of the sixth national census registration phase progress report". Shen Hongliang, deputy head of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress reported the problems found in household registration and measures taken. He talked about the household registration of the existence of 12 problems, the existing problems and put forward 12 corresponding measures.

Li Jianqing, deputy head of the deputy mayor on behalf of the important speech made by Gu Guoquan. First of all, on behalf of the mayor, he visited the census agencies at all levels and census workers, said: you have worked hard! Secondly, for the government, the census agencies at all levels, survey instructors and surveyors do not slack, do not slack off, seize the key link, to do all the work of the census registration review. To implement the general secretary Hu Jintao adhere to the scientific survey, according to the census, the census of hard work, an important indicator of high standard, high quality and efficient completion of the census task ", further strengthen the organization and leadership, unity of thinking, strengthen confidence, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and to review work as the key and the census the core link, properly solve the difficulties and problems in the registration work, the whole city together, under the joint efforts, to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the census data, the successful completion of our sixth census.

Li Jianqing pointed out at the end of the review period, the district head to the first line to the census census, census work schedule and quality. On the review work is not enough attention to the lack of work, such as factors leading to major problems in the census should be accountable in the end. By the State Council, the provincial and municipal people’s office of quality checks can not meet the standards, rework re registration, in the city to be criticized, and held accountable for the relevant leaders and census.




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