Strengthen the relocation to ensure the progress of demolition

"water into the city," the project has been in accordance with the municipal government, "Beichuan River (core segment) of the comprehensive management of the special session of the meeting minutes" (fifty-fourth) provisions of the implementation.
July 25th stone Lei village demolition work is found only in follow the prescribed order, but our relocation of staff inspections in the village, the roadway is to implement the spirit of the individual villagers good notice, or in the building of housing, with a large force in the urban management department personnel, confiscate the winch (commonly known as electric hoist three) Taiwan, shelf car, trying to stop this bad phenomenon further spread and development.
to strengthen propaganda, let the "ecological province" project to give people a macro impression, demolition team will "Beichuan River comprehensive management project (core)) short repeat broadcast more than 20 times, a total of up to 500 people to watch people. By watching the video, people are "water" into the city after the completion of the project is so clear and coastal green, comfortable environment and impressive scene.


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