Xining city residential property demolition area follow Chuangwei footsteps

8 26, from the city property management department learned that Xining city property management clear standard, carry out a comprehensive Chuangwei work for some poor sanitation situation of residential property, demolition area of active rectification, make residential property, demolition area follow Chuangwei pace, improve the appearance of the city.

it is understood that the residential property especially some old residential district and bankrupt enterprises Chuangwei work very hard, and many dead garbage facilities so badly damaged areas, poultry and livestock more. To this end, I asked the city property management at the same time no sanitary dead no exposed garbage management within the region, actively urge the property sector to concentrate on cleaning up the area of debris and garbage, the maintenance of roads and green area management, straighten out the area of commercial service facilities. At the same time, the old residential areas, residential areas and other bankrupt enterprises as important and difficult Chuangwei work, the property service enterprise actively improve the supporting infrastructure, the implementation of the health measures, make these areas gradually "make only superficial changes".

at the same time, real estate management departments to conduct a comprehensive renovation of the landscape renovation, the Yangtze River Road 71 road renovation of dilapidated buildings, commercial office courtyard renovation project demolition area, the demolition demolition of the houses have either area or site, the ongoing demolition of the houses, must reduce the dust and noise, the demolition area arranged in neat as possible safe enclosure, and removes the sidewalk construction waste, ensure the construction personnel and pedestrian safety.


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