The early completion of the benefit for the benefit of two people in the Huangshui River

5 17 September, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoqing investigation yindajihuang project. He stressed that the project must be constructed as soon as possible, to play a benefit, for the benefit of the masses of all ethnic groups in Huangshui River basin.

Wang Xiaoqing, a site to listen to the drawing big economic layout, construction project progress, Huang scale introduction, the construction achievements fully affirmed, and to further accelerate construction, put forward specific requirements of production, life, ecological water security in Huangshui River basin. He pointed out that the yindajihuang project is a benefit of the people, for the benefit of future generations, the people’s livelihood projects, benevolent works, comprehensive benefits of economy, society, ecology is very significant to solve the Huangshui River Basin in Xining, Haidong city two water resources, engineering water shortage, protect the basin production, economic and social life, ecological water and support Huangshui River basin development plays an important role.

Wang Xiaoqing stressed that accelerating the yindajihuang project is to implement the ecological priority strategy, practice the concept of green development, promote ecological civilization construction of the first area of the inherent requirements, it is to implement the provincial government in the "131" General requirements, practical needs of promoting economic and social development in the Huangshui River watershed. Water conservancy departments should accelerate in water diversion canal construction, Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation project field supporting project at the same time, promote the overall development of the West Main Canal, north channel two and south canal project construction project process, the project completed as soon as possible to play a benefit, for the benefit of Huangshui River basin.


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