Xining professional cooperatives reached 1280

In September 24th, the municipal and rural poverty alleviation and development work leading group held in the city to promote the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives will observe, organize relevant units on-site guidance to the project, and vigorously promote the importance of trademark, standard and steady development to further promote our city professional cooperatives. It is understood that the city has 7 co products to obtain pollution-free and green product certification, the 22 co OP registered trademark of the 29. In recent years, the city vigorously develop the farmers’ professional cooperatives as an innovative system of agricultural production and management, improve the degree of farmers’ organization. It is reported that, as of the first half of this year, the city approved by the Department of agriculture cooperatives registration reached 1280, an increase of more than 1.4 times in 2010, the city’s average annual increase of 300, the registered capital of 876 million yuan, farmers join up to 50 thousand people, led farmers to 130 thousand people. Currently, enter the directory and run well above the city level cooperatives reached 650, accounting for the record of 50.78%. The average annual net income of cooperative members is 30% higher than that of ordinary farmers, which leads to an average annual net income of farmers higher than that of ordinary farmers by more than 15%. On the same day, the observation team visited Huangyuan, Huangzhong, Datong and other 6 professional cooperatives, issued by the municipal farmers cooperatives demonstration certificate. It is understood that the city’s vegetable cultivation area of 320 thousand acres, cooperatives accounted for more than 40%. Farmers’ professional cooperatives standardized production and operation of various aspects, not only realizes the agricultural production scale, standardization and industrialization, greatly reduces the production cost of individual farmers and market risk, to promote agricultural efficiency and rural incomes have played an important role.  

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