To play the public opinion of the public comment on the poor behavior of illegal operations will be

illegal operation of vehicles commonly known as the black car, it has seriously disrupted the normal order of the transport market, but also endanger the occupant’s personal and property safety, work to combat illegal trading for innovation in our province, to strengthen the supervision of the industry level, effective supervision of public opinion and social influence, the formation of multi force to enhance the fight against the illegal operation the effect, the future of our province will start a comprehensive survey of the illegal operation of publicity mechanism against the illegal operation behavior of poor masses results will be publicized.

is doing the work, the Provincial Transportation Bureau specially issued the "notice" on the establishment of the fight against the illegal operation survey publicity mechanism, and through the working mechanism under the joint establishment, require municipalities, State Road Transport Management Office in accordance with the determined region, quarterly survey and work regular statistical reporting "each year, 1 to 2 of the masses strongly affect the illegal operation of larger areas (lines) as the focus of regulation based on the annual area, increase the focus on regional efforts to combat illegal trading behavior, on suspicion of illegal operation of vehicles seized number, vehicle number and work measures quarterly survey, statistics, summary and report. At the same time, the objective evaluation stages throughout the work, the Provincial Transportation Bureau will take a unified program and caliber, entrust the relevant units (Institutions) to carry out mass review survey in a certain range, and publicity on evaluation results and related data in Qinghai province highway network and related media, fully accept public supervision.


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