Xining City theater to promote cultural reform of the performing arts sector into a new world

May 27th, the Xining municipal art performing groups gathered in the cultural workers, held a two anniversary of the cultural system reform forum. After two years of reform, Xining municipal cultural performance groups through a variety of literary and artistic activities, enrich the cultural and spiritual life of the people of Xining. Whether it is recently presented by the "heaven" or horizon, influential Opera Symphony Concert, Xining city has witnessed a high level of performing arts groups.

two years ago, the Xining song and dance troupe and the drama troupe to enhance the level of performance, while efforts to develop the cultural industry, and constantly mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, for the troupe injected vitality. Shaanxi modern drama "silent love", large music dance drama "Horizon heaven" and other operas, caused a sensation in the world of art. In particular, the recent drama troupe of Xining, a member of the achievement of the plum blossom award to achieve a breakthrough in our province, but also confirms the strength of the Xining City Performing Arts groups. As of May, the troupe performed nearly 300 games, the performance of the market expanded to Gansu, which is the troupe after the reform of the fruits. At the same time, the Xining municipal theatre development faces many difficulties, aging infrastructure, lack of personnel, business failure, shortage of funds is the development of theater resistance, only to continue to enhance the level of business, the development of cultural industries, in order to achieve "play out quality".


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