Nanchuan ndustrial Park of small and Medium Business Park Development

Nanchuan Industrial Park of small and medium business park in Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone Nanchuan Industrial Park Management Committee in order to develop, accelerate and support the growth of small and medium enterprises, approved by the Park Administrative Committee directly under the state-owned, Qinghai Rongxin industrial in early 2010 Investment Construction Development Co. Ltd.’s small and medium business platform. Venture Park covers an area of 75 acres, planning and construction area of 93150 square meters, with a total investment of $170 million.

until now, in Nanchuan Industrial Park business park enterprises has reached 10, 9 industrial enterprises, of which 250 million yuan investment in the Qinghai fozhao lithium iron phosphate materials project equipment has been fully in place and the installation is complete, the ongoing trial production. Qinghai Plateau Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. plateau deep processing of agricultural products in 2012 formally put into operation. Qinghai plateau antelope Food Co. Ltd., bee products, beans and barley products deep processing projects, the Qinghai plateau red green health products Co., Ltd. red black wolfberry deep processing project, Qinghai Yun Hao Biological Engineering Limited company with an annual output of 4 billion grains of edible and medicinal capsule project, Qinghai Jintai trading company with an annual output of 400 tons, with an annual output of 400 tons of rice pudding vinegar project, Qinghai Tibet sea trade limited company with an annual output of 30 million pallets and plastic bottle blow molding project, Qinghai Jia Ye Machinery Manufacturing Co., an annual output of 400 sets of shearing machine, bending machine project, Qinghai junengda new energy source development limited company with an annual output of 1 million LED lighting project in Qinghai, laid into the Exhibition Co., an annual output of 18 thousand square meters of glass project all other projects have been put into operation in 2013.

2013, Nanchuan Industrial Park Business Park of small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve GDP 100 million yuan, solve the employment of nearly 200 people.


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