Big traffic between Qinghai and the mainland

pay attention to quality and efficiency, accelerate the development of modern transportation, deepen reform, improve the level of open economy…… Government work report, this year, our province will focus on improving the conditions of regional development, accelerate infrastructure construction, enhance the development of security capabilities, accelerate the development of modern transportation. A convenient transportation network will be gradually formed, in the eyes of outsiders in the past that remote, backward big Qinghai will no longer be far away in the future.

[the people] politics by train to Xinjiang when they realize the dream?

[Key words] response to high speed rail, railway all pull through

[future breakthrough] to take the train directly to Xinjiang dream will soon be realized. At the end of this year, the Lanzhou Xinjiang passenger line will be officially opened, then Lanzhou to Urumqi train running time from the current more than and 20 hours to 8 hours, and the provincial capital of Xining city will become the largest transit hub station. Meanwhile, the Xining Railway Station will be relocated to the new site this year.

in addition, this year there will be a number achieved through tunnels, through Guanjiao tunnel will realize the Qinghai Tibet line, through the Dabanshan tunnel will be opened to provide the necessary protection for Lanzhou, Golmud to Korla railway will be opened this year, so far, the railway in our province will achieve full pull through.


] when people ask Masaji can fly convenient to all parts of the country?

[reply Keywords] to open up more overseas and international routes, accelerate the construction of the Provincial Airport


] before the next breakthrough highlights of Qinghai by plane is more difficult than to ride the train, the reason is that Qinghai is located in remote areas, many airlines to open routes, so I want to go to some places need to turn several machine. Today, we can easily reach 39 cities by plane, only last year, Xining airport will add a new point of navigation, the 17 routes. This year, with the completion of the two phase of the Xining airport expansion project, the province will open up more overseas and international routes, speed up the construction of the two types of ports and Cao Fort tax logistics center, and strive to achieve clearance". In addition, the province will achieve smooth navigation, Huatugou Airport flight, Delingha Airport and Qilian Airport Golog accelerate construction, promote the preparatory work for the two phase of the expansion of Qinghai Lake airport and Golmud Airport.

(people ask politics three) between Xining and the province more smoothly?

[reply Keywords] covering the province’s cities and towns, extending the countryside, both inside and outside the smooth


] the next breakthrough highlights this year, our province will focus on improving the road network in the eastern city of group, started the construction of the highway along the Yellow River, north of the Hexi corridor to promote highway construction, accelerate the implementation of the highway project in the south of Qinghai, Yushu high speed highway through the basic. As a result, many roads in the province and other provinces will achieve Unicom, let the natural moat change thoroughfare. In addition, the transport sector in our province will invest 2 billion yuan to complete the construction of rural roads; the implementation of 12 villages and towns asphalt (cement) road engineering; 4 new village oil (cement road); 148 administrative;

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