2016 opening of the first Delingha thermal Conference

9 month 22 days, by the Qinghai Provincial People’s government, the National Energy Bureau, China Association for science and technology as the guide unit, China Electric Power Development Association, Delingha City, the thermal development promotion center jointly hosted the 2016 first Delingha thermal Conference opened in Delingha City, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous prefecture.


session of the general assembly to focus on clean energy heights, to build the world of heat "as the theme, the people from the domestic solar thermal industry experts, business representatives and the Embassy of Israel, the European Association of thermal energy, communication and Discussion on construction of standard system, thermal Haixizhou achievements and the development of new energy industry development planning, Haixi Delingha thermal investment policy and industry resources, thermal power generation of western countries experience and other issues, trying to build a new platform for the domestic solar thermal industry communication, communication, industry chain docking landing.

in recent years, Haixi Prefecture rely on resource advantage in the new energy industry development, based on regional practice, and constantly adjust and improve the new energy industry development ideas, clear the development of new energy industry, new energy industry is moving towards a state of scale, intensive, professional development trend. Among them, Delingha has the advantage of light years richly endowed by nature, the average sunshine hours for 3500 hours, the average annual total solar radiation is 7000 MJ / m2, provides resources for excellent location development of light industry, supporting the project, Qinghai solar thermal project cnpec Bo Yu companies have also settled in Delingha and photothermal, laid a good foundation for the development of light industry in Delingha.

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thermal power generation by thermal storage device with low cost to complete, the power system is friendly power, can undertake baseload peaking capacity also has, more flexible, can be used as the main power grid of the future. Solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation, wind power construction, can significantly alleviate the output fluctuation of photovoltaic and wind power, greatly improve the absorptive capacity of the power system, reduce the abandoned wind, abandoned light contradiction. Therefore, the development of large-scale thermal power generation industry, and photovoltaic power generation, wind power is composed of clean energy power generation system, can greatly promote the development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, improve the proportion of renewable energy in the energy structure, establish its main energy status.


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