Municipal CPPCC fully affirmed the work of the urban management department proposal

8 6 in the morning, municipal committee, municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Yingxiang, Wu Weizhou, Baoya, Secretary General Hao Jingfei, CPPCC leadership, and the 93 society, the MDC, etc. the proposal units responsible person to undertake a proposal to do my bureau supervision situation.

Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau has always attached great importance to suggestions and proposals for the work on behalf of members, to recommend proposals for respect as representatives and members shall exercise authority, respect people’s rights in power to a high degree of understanding, as an important task to improve the work of the government, to maintain social stability in the schedule. Every year, the municipal government of NPC and CPPCC suggestions and proposals are assigned by the decomposition after the Bureau carried out a careful study of the decomposition, responsible for personnel in charge of the leadership, responsible for handling the work mechanism, ensure the proposal for the work do people catch someone tube, each piece is implemented. This year, the 1 NPC deputies and CPPCC members proposed by the Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) within the prescribed time limit have all been completed, the recovery rate of 100%. From the views of Representatives, members feedback, the satisfaction rate of 100%.

of all participating leaders and members in listening to my bureau in 2010 to carry out the work and hosted this year five proposals for the report, highly praised by the urban management department major contribution in the city Chuangwei work, spoke highly of our bureau and proposals for the first half of the work, that the municipal law enforcement Bureau in the work very the complicated situation, clear thinking, focused, solid and meticulous work. At the same time, the proposal for a bear do active work, extra things actively coordinate, not buck passing, the proposal can successfully answer, participating leaders and members were satisfied or very satisfied.

Municipal Committee, CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing pointed out in his speech, the proposal is an important way to work, whether it is appropriate to apply the key lies in the attitude. Urban management department is an important part of the government, but also an important part of urban construction and management, on behalf of the Party committee and government according to the rule of the image of the city, a huge role. Today listen to the urban management work report, get a further understanding of the functions of the inspectors and the scope of work, although some of the proposals concerning the problems of urban management is not a jurisdiction, but are actively coordinate, to solve some of the problems, this attitude is worth advocating. At the same time, in his speech, Mr. Lee put forward two requirements for urban management: is a civilized law enforcement. Urban management work directly in front of the masses, especially the difficulties of the masses, some contradictions have a deep historical roots. Compared with other regions, the city’s urban management work in the city sanitation, serving the masses, maintaining social stability in the forefront. In recent years, our city tourism and investment promotion and the merchants in the city management level is inseparable from the subtle, but should pay attention to the every little bit of civilized law enforcement, effectively reduce and resolve social conflicts. two is to have the courage to manage. Urban management is not a matter of urban management, as a comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments, in accordance with the law to exercise the allocation of other departments;

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