42 billion 600 million layout of the layout of the 2017 traffic

  – Tongzhou high speed and accelerate the upgrading of national and provincial trunk highway project – New 13 – to start building Longyangxia Waterway Engineering – the country to promote the Laxiwa

taxi industry reform

this year is winning the comprehensive well-off society and promoting the "four solid" air plant, building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beauty of a crucial year is an important year for the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan, as supporting the development of the traffic which will be a bright spot in the building? In January 10th, reporters from the province’s transportation work meeting was informed that this year the province will invest 42 billion 600 million yuan, focusing on improving infrastructure, transportation network to upgrade the quality of transportation services and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry on the implementation of the project construction, including speeding up the Tongzhou high-speed highway, national and provincial trunk upgrading, province channels and transportation hub station the construction of modernization, promote the construction of a comprehensive transportation system.

426 billion invested heavily in the construction of traffic projects

to speed up the Tongzhou highway, the provincial trunk upgrade and the provincial channel construction, rural road construction project is also closely followed…… It is reported that this year the province will be completed 42 billion 600 million yuan investment in transportation. Among them, 36 billion 300 million yuan of construction projects, new projects 3 billion 300 million yuan, 3 billion yuan of rural highway. The investment will be mainly used to improve the transportation infrastructure network, and actively build a comprehensive transportation system, including speeding up the Tongzhou high-speed highway, national and provincial trunk upgrading, province channel and rural smooth highway engineering construction, the full implementation of traffic hub station, local railway and water transportation construction projects, in order to promote the supply capacity of the overall traffic and transportation and the comprehensive service level.

13 new highway projects to promote the development of

this year, our province will firmly grasp the golden period of transport infrastructure construction, accelerate the construction of transportation projects. Including the promotion of key construction projects, construction, circulation tied down long renovation projects of 24 Road projects, new West to observe 13 highway projects, the Jianzha Republic to Khan novo. The construction of integrated passenger hub station, county bus station 13. Longyangxia to start the construction of Laxiwa waterway engineering. At the same time, to support local transportation construction, and vigorously promote the construction of the eastern urban agglomerations traffic trunk and smooth Xining project, and actively carry out the upgrading of urban and rural roads project.

intercity passenger bus line transformation of large

this year, the province will also serve and protect people’s livelihood as the top priority, efforts to improve the basic level of public transport services equalization. Coordinate development of urban and rural public services including transportation, the pilot to carry out the construction of integrated transportation in urban and rural areas, promote urban and rural passenger lines, intercity bus transformation and integrated transport hub, bus station, bus station construction, in conjunction with relevant departments to gradually build a rural logistics network covering county level three. At the same time, speed up the construction of the national highway service area. In addition, expand and improve the traffic card interoperability project, a comprehensive national trunk road area environmental remediation, etc..

taxi industry around the promotion of reform

reform is to adapt to economic development;

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