November Xining people can take an examination of driver’s license

in the driving school to learn all the subjects, but can not take the exam, when you can get on the road driving test card "is becoming a difficult problem in Xining city and the province’s increasingly prominent.

this is because over the years the city of Xining is only one place for driving test, rapid growth in private cars today, has exerted perfectly normal phenomenon. So that a group of people who learn to drive for a long time can not participate in the exam, hoping to increase the voice of the test center.

the situation will soon change. Reporters learned from the Xining city vehicle administration, the Xining municipal government will not only meet the needs of the examination site can not meet the growth needs of the smooth flow of the project, and has built an area of 7 acres in the east area of the driver’s test site.

the project is expected to be completed by the end of 11. Put into use, will effectively ease the Xining public car Paihao difficult difficulty, but also can realize the online booking or telephone booking examination. More importantly, the driving test appointment examination and training, to eliminate the "unspoken rule", the first driving test to embody the principle of fairness. (author: Meng Jun)

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