Opened 900 thousand visitors a year to visit the provincial science and Technology Museum

the morning of October 21st, Qinghai province science and Technology Museum opened a celebration of the anniversary and the first festival held ideas. More than 600 students participated in the first festival of whimsy. Reporters learned from the opening of the year, the provincial science and Technology Museum received 900 thousand people.

the day’s activities are rich in content, there is "reverse clock" creative design competition, the young people through hands-on practice, exercise imagination, hands-on ability, cooperation ability, writing and language skills. At the scene, "one year old!" "Happy birthday", "growing tree" and other pictures are from thousands of Domino combination, with celebrations, thousands of Domino all fall down in a few minutes, but also opened the curtain of the student Domino domino game. It is reported that over the past year, the work carried out by the flow of science and Technology Museum, the flow of young science studio, mobile 4D theater, science drama performances, scientific experiments and other content into the tour content. Nearly 110 thousand people participated in the public, enriching the cultural life of the grassroots. The Museum of science and technology not only to Qinghai science and Technology Museum into the science education center, the province’s largest youth science and technology center, and put forward the construction of the Museum of science and technology to become the province’s largest science resources development center, science information exchange center. (author: Tang Rong)

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