7 major characteristics of the New Territories North

8 31, north of the city in 2012 demolition work news media will be held. The meeting informed the progress of the 7 projects in 2012 a total of 1 million 301 thousand and 700 square meters demolition tasks. The meeting pointed out, not demolition, cannot change the north face of the city fundamentally; no demolition, will not be able to give the people of all ethnic groups in the area to provide a comfortable environment for wonderfull life — only the demolition, to restore the new district features a landscape ecological livable. Right now, the region’s 7 major regional demolition work is steadily advancing, is characterized by the shape of the new north. (author: Dezhou)
– Beichuan River comprehensive management project (core). (a) the scope of the demolition project for Kang bridge to the south, north of Tianjin Road, Nanjing Expressway West, Zhang Ning Road East, a total area of about 6.35 square kilometers, involving 6 villages north of the city district demolition work, including the north, Tao Xin, Tao Jiazhai, apricot stone Lei 4 village demolition area of about 1 million 100 thousand square meters. Up to now, the demolition agreement has been signed 269 thousand and 100 square meters.
– the lake district land (saalburg housing real estate, Haitong ramp, Huangshui River Road). The lake district land 3 plate demolition area of 9700 square meters, 11 thousand and 800 square meters and 3700 square meters respectively, mainly involving province Sijian two families of hospital a total of 207 households, has signed a relocation agreement of 117 residential buildings. Next, the district will be in the first resettlement after the demolition of the concept, to be placed in the construction of the resettlement housing, the completion of the remaining demolition agreement signed.
– Huangshui River Road market. The project involves the temple village 150 acres of land, 146 villages (residents), has signed a demolition agreement of 118, did not sign the agreement with a total of 28.
– Academy of agricultural and animal husbandry machinery factory. Involving demolition area of 1 thousand and 100 square meters, has signed a demolition agreement of 131, only the remaining 4, is expected to be completed in mid September to sign the agreement.


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