Development Zone ndustrial Park and project trade union migrant workers will be held on site serv

In September 1st, the Development Zone (Industrial Park) and the project trade union migrant workers’ service will be held in Xining.

in 2014 399 thousand members of migrant workers in our province as the basis for calculation, at least this year to increase the membership of 60 thousand migrant workers. According to the person in charge of the Qinghai Provincial Federation of trade unions, migrant workers to join in key areas including various development zone (Industrial Park), especially the municipal development zones at all levels of government approved the construction of the (Industrial Park); key industries including large-scale projects in construction, logistics and express companies, family service organizations (including domestic service companies, nanny companies, pension services, patient care, community care), agricultural cooperatives, all kinds of labor dispatch companies (including some of the construction industry group company services company) and other five categories. Specific to each industry, the focus and requirements are also different.  

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