Help Xining talent into a high end platform for Hong Kong

To further the formation of the city’s concerted attention, care, cherish strong consensus of talents, create and use culture to attract talent to the future implementation of the atmosphere, "Xining talent Jingang" project mobilization, deployment. September 5th, held in Xining, Xining Golden Port promotion, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning attended and delivered a speech. The meeting, director of the Shanghai talent Jingang group general manager and talent development center from the development background, the leading talent Jingang concept, operation mode, development goals and the construction of the Xining Golden Port, talent ideas etc. combined with the actual Xining detailed interpretation and elaboration. Bi Xiaoning pointed out that "Xining talent Jingang" combined with the actual Xining, in the public service platform, improve the public service personnel system, strengthen the talent development of the service industry, the transformation of Xining talent ideas, will have a positive and profound impact. Xining talent capital port construction project is in its infancy, to reform and innovation as the driving force, to ensure the construction of the system, and promote the construction of talent Xining port. Bi Xiaoning stressed that "Xining talent Jingang" opened in Hong Kong after the operation, should focus on the "1351" working ideas, and for our city and administrative personnel, enterprises and institutions of the personnel work "tailored" talent service project, to provide one-stop professional services. To be based in Xining, looking at the province, to fully support the foundation gradually strong in their own strength and talents in Shanghai of Hong Kong, and actively provide financial support, technical support and intellectual support for the city and the province, the "Xining talent Jingang" into the first-class talents for the brand. All relevant departments should closely cooperate, each enterprise should cooperate closely, in order to achieve the introduction of talent incubator, degree education, personnel training and qualification certification of the five functions and lay a solid foundation for the work. At the same time, with the help of Shanghai "port", "Xining talent Jingang" to be tilted in terms of technical support, project cooperation, help "Xining talent Jingang" to become a high-end talent platform to promote the construction and development of Xining and the western region.  

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