With questions and answers join pie

pie snack brand so much, we say, today we just introduced a brand with a pie, according to the following questions, answer the question for you to join with the pie. I hope you are interested in joining.

asked: the origin of the pie with


answer: talking about the origin of this cake, to be counted as a credit to foreign students. Chinese students studying abroad, miss the pie in the country to eat, and this cake is only spread in the folk. So, they will try to do, with Chinese pie, plus the Western pastry baking technology, so the combination of Chinese and western, creative to make this wonderful cake.

: what do you think is the reason why the filling is popular with young people?

answer: first, it is a kind of fast food is a kind of leisure food, is a street with delicacy, in this fast-paced era, is should be born; secondly, it has more than one kind of fillings, spicy squid paste, black pepper beef, pork and mushroom spicy chicken meat stuffing, stuffing, stuffing, Chicken Teriyaki Sauce meat stuffing, sheep meat stuffing cumin, can be said to not only many varieties and rich in nutrition, can supplement the body for nutritional needs in a certain extent; thirdly, it has good taste, crisp and tender, crisp and refreshing, especially for young people. Appetite.

asked: now on the market with the pie to join the training market is what


answer: it is because of this snack with a strong market demand, so that entrepreneurs willing to open this store are more to do to join the training company more, from the current point of view, the mainstream has two: one is to join, control packets, according to a unified model shop, joining fee money, investment capital is relatively high; the second is to do the training, such as formerly eat Hanxiang technology center, will not advocate card material, make maximum profit return of students, not tied to buy equipment, independent students, at the same time in order to improve the store appearance, provided free of charge for a set of image design and responsive. For example, facade, posters, posters, leaflets, bags and other packaging, are free to design. As a result, even the students play their own signs, in accordance with the image of the system we provide, open up the store, in the visual image, it will not be worse than the store where to go. In addition, our fees are very low, so this model is more popular.

: that is to say, your students opened the shop, you can not play your sign?


is not our signs, but many signs of wheat pie. Although this way, allowing students to open the shop a little more subtle, but the cost is much lower, if the store does not have a high rent transfer >

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