These places are not suitable for open tea shop

actually, choose to engage in the cause of tea business, is also very popular. As we all know, want to better open a tea shop belonging to their own, for a reasonable site is very important. So in the end what kind of lot can open tea shop?

poor sanitation street, near the market, sparsely populated alley. For many people in terms of the store’s health environment and traffic is very important, but also the basis for the development of shops, if there is no two conditions, the development of the store is a great impact. The market is relatively more people, but there is no fixed consumer groups, people near the market will not stop to buy milk tea drink.

high ground. Generally speaking, the shop’s terrain and the road are in the same plane, it is very convenient for customers to shop. Therefore when choosing a lot, do not choose the high place to open tea shop, if the shop on the higher ground, you should consider a proper entrance and shop on the road, it can be convenient for consumers to buy things. In addition to the store’s goods placement, access to the entrance, windows, etc., have to make a plan.

highway side. With the development of the times, more and more highway built, the freeway is a transportation hub in order to make the vehicle smooth counterparts, both sides will be placed on the highway isolation facilities, and few parking places, although the floating population is more and more high, but consumers are not due to drink a cup of tea and a violation of traffic regulations. Therefore, the edge of the highway is not suitable to open tea shop.

is very important for the shop location, select the important lot shop. Shop is even more peace of mind, but also very easy to start. If, you are also very heart, so, why hesitate? Hurry up! Come and leave a message!

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