Foreign tire ten brands list the whole

to the car with good tires, as we wear a pair of good shoes, so, for any one of the owners, naturally will attach great importance to the brand of car tires. And the world tire brand variety, to give our car choose a pair of good shoes, naturally need to have a better understanding of the industry. Here, let Xiaobian for everyone secret foreign tire ten brand list, so as to help people have a better understanding of the foreign tire market.

foreign tire ten brands list: Michelin


said the Michelin tire card known to every family, friends is not the first thought of rice fat label on the LOGO? Michelin is also valued for China market, in 1988 on the establishment of the sales company in Hongkong, founded in 1995 by the end of the Michelin Shenyang Tire Co. Ltd., 2001 Michelin (Chinese) Investment Company Limited was established in Shanghai.

Michelin tire is not only widely used in the field of car, motorcycle, engineering machinery, the bus card business is an important part, as early as in 1959 launched the "X" tubeless truck and bus tires, the more famous card bus tires are Michelin X LINE and the X MULTI series for its toughness, suitable for in the field of high-speed long-distance freight.

foreign tire ten brands list: Goodyear



(Good year) and Michelin as one of the world’s three largest tire giants, Goodyear tire and rubber company was founded in 1989, in early September 1994, on the establishment of the Dalian Goodyear Tire Co. Ltd., is committed to radial passenger car, light truck tire and truck tire manufacturing.

foreign tire ten brands list: NO.3 Bridgestone


(BRIDGESTONE) is one of the world’s three largest tire giants, Bridgestone was founded in 1931, compared with Michelin, Goodyear made tyres delayed a lot, the price is also cheaper than them a little. The first time Bridgestone also called "stone" brand, do not know there is no such card friends called?

foreign tire ten brands list NO.4: German horse brand

Compared with the big three

and above, the German horse tire (Continental) the more distant history, also known as the continental tire, the tire belonging to the continental group, the group was founded in 1871, it is worth mentioning that the world’s first patterned tire is developed by the company.


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