Ten brand list the whole of electric pressure cooker

kitchen small appliances now because of the increasing demand of people and the advent of more and more varieties of convenience to the lives of countless people. With the development of society, the electric pressure cooker can be said to be should however, then the ten major brand ranking electric pressure cooker which also for many consumer concerns, so small in here to introduce electric pressure cooker ten brand list.

electric pressure cooker top ten brands NO1- beauty Midea

The United States was founded in 2002

electric pressure cooker, the U.S. group founded in 1968, is a large comprehensive modern enterprise group, is located in the China 500 companies list. Is one of the world’s 500 most valuable brands, electric pressure cooker, the top ten brands. Brand awareness is quite high.

electric pressure cooker top ten brand NO2- SUPOR SUPOR

SUPOR electric pressure cooker is the Zhejiang SUPOR’s brand, was founded in 1994, the company is the largest cooker research and development, manufacturers, is a kitchen in the industry’s first listed company. As a national key high-tech enterprises, SUPOR has repeatedly been rated as "AAA" credit enterprise, "Five Star Industrial Enterprises" much loved by consumers.

electric pressure cooker ten brands list NO3- Pentium POVOS


electric pressure cooker is Shanghai Pentium enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. brand, as a large multinational companies, set up under the Pentium five word subsidiary, product sales in Germany, Italy, far from Japan, the United States, India, South Korea, by the vast number of consumers welcome.

electric pressure cooker ten brands list NO4- Double Happiness

Double Happiness electric pressure cooker industry’s reputation is very famous in Zhuhai, Double Happiness Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd., founded in 1956, is one of the country’s largest production base. Brand pressure cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric rice cooker, frying pan, such as more than 100 varieties, rich in species to meet the different needs of consumers.

electric pressure cooker top ten brand NO5- Joyoung Joyoung

Joyoung electric pressure cooker is Shandong brand, China famous brand, China famous trademark. Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2002, although the Joyoung company set up soon, but the rapid development has been, in Ji’nan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other places have built a production base, we have become the home appliance industry scale in the forefront of the industry, one of the famous enterprises.

electric pressure cooker top ten brands

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