Do business to grasp the human

into the shop do not shop, you will feel embarrassed? I think a lot of customers should have such a feeling, but if the owner can provide a comfortable service, this feeling will be weakened, and even in the future there will be related to the needs of this shop. This shows that the real understanding of the shop on the business of human sentiment, which will be of great help for the long-term operation of the store.

early winter evening, waiting for the car, boring, along the road road. Passing a tea shop, the facade is not big, but more clean and tidy, see a few rattan chair placed at the door, he wanted to sit down and rest. Seat soon, someone called the author, a look back is a tea shop owner, I thought: is it going to throw me out?

"sit in the room! The weather is cold, the outside is too cold." The boss said with a smile.

"I don’t buy tea, fix it in front of me." I pointed a little embarrassed in front of me.

"who says you have to buy tea to sit in? To the shop is a guest, into the house on the line!"

in the boss’s warm greetings, I turn into the shop. Holding the boss free of charge on a good cup of Green Tea, with water vapor curl, smelling the dense tea, listen to him talk about all kinds of tea fun……


, two hours of waiting time in the palm of the ablation cup of warm Green Tea. I got up to leave, the boss sent out to smile, and a simple design of the name card and half tea.

day after drinking tea, always thought that winter boss brought a cup of hot tea and interesting anecdote. After a lapse of time, I need to buy tea, the first thought is the owner of the tea shop. Not only to buy their own, but also recommended to the surrounding relatives and friends to buy, because there is not only to enjoy the quality of good tea, more enthusiastic and not artificial human touch.

another day, I went to a shopping mall to buy a suit. In a brand flagship store, I try on a coat, a beautiful young salesman smile, continue to praise their own clothes and good material, new styles, fine workmanship and so on, to promote the level of enthusiasm so I feel uncomfortable.

when I said such a turn to make a decision when the salesman looks like the weather in June, says to change, why don’t I get asked again and again. "Is it inappropriate to wear, or feel the price is not suitable……" The salesman in the "strong field", the author fled". In the end, another warm and appropriate service in the shop, I bought a suit fit.

"the world Rangrang, are all benefits to. >

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