2016 horse met Bole Nanjing students Pioneering demonstration garden

The cultivation and use of

talents is indispensable to the development of enterprises and even the country. Nanjing in particular for the cultivation of talent to create a "Nanjing overseas students entrepreneurship Park", to give people a better place to play.

yesterday, the ninth session of the intersection of Jianye special promotion meeting, located in the Metro science and Technology Park, Nanjing Students Pioneer Park officially inaugurated. Nanjing Municipal Committee, organization department minister Guo Lajun attended the event.

Metro science and Technology Park, the relevant person in charge, Nanjing overseas students entrepreneurship Park is located in Metro science and Technology Park, an area of about 15 thousand square meters, officially approved in early 2016. At present, the park has more than and 30 foreign students venture enterprises settled, mainly software, Internet companies.

in addition to enjoying the entrepreneurial talent policy in Nanjing, these companies can also enjoy the Jianye area of supporting personnel apartments, office space and a series of policies. Businessmen from home and abroad, entrepreneurship, a total of more than 200 people attended the promotion.

day, from the enterprises at home and abroad customers, entrepreneurial talent more than 70 people attended the Baixia high-tech park in Nanjing city students Pioneering demonstration park inaugurated.

Baixia high-tech park in the main city of Nanjing is the only provincial hi tech Development Zone, supports a total area of 75 thousand square meters, existing students 74 enterprises, mainly concentrated in the cloud computing, intelligent transportation and cultural and creative industries.

"Qinhuai district to build the talents of enterprise and Innovation workshop, more than 10 deep venture investment and financing mechanism innovation depth docking platform," Su branch loan "and" credit personnel ‘credit products, and vigorously promote the work of the first purchase order, has helped more than 40 personnel in enterprises docking with potential customers, reached the intention to sell 70 million yuan, achieved sales 30 million yuan." Qinhuai District, the relevant person in charge.

The establishment of

students Nanjing business park "," horse met Bole "to allow more people to use, so that more people can create more value for the enterprise, thus promoting the development of national economy, but also show the value of their own.

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