Five trends of the golden age of China’s catering industry in 2015

2014, the Internet thinking is stir for a whole year, this thought has also led to other traditional industries in transition, as the traditional industry, the catering industry now have also embarked on the transformation and innovation of the road, now the Internet is particularly eye-catching banner catering. A lot of myth on the other side is fast, the industry generally believe that the pain and depression: data, 1-10 months of the catering income 22591 yuan, the growth rate of 9.7%, although a slight increase over the previous year, but it seems not the heart to change traditional food outlook is worrying.

for several years, high-end catering made dependent on public spending boom, so many operators ignore the cultivation of real business model and market thinking ability. Too many absences, lying in the bosom of the relationship can live well, and now suddenly thrown to the ground and found that the feet have been degraded, will not go.

and the corresponding public catering, in 2015, in the end to replace lead fast fashion, become the backbone, is available.

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