Fuyang leading cadres to start business

In fact, now

entrepreneurship has become a national movement, at the same time, whether it is an age where people can go to business, enjoy some good business policies of the state and government in Anhui, Fuyang to vigorously guide cadres general business.

Fuyang thoroughly implement the spirit of the thirteen plenary session of the nine session of the provincial Party committee, in order to maximize the enthusiasm and maximize the ability to maximize the superior environment, to maximize the power system into the cage "four maximum" as the starting point, stimulate the vitality of cadres, so there is the opportunity to officers, to the director general of the stage, do nothing important.

success in the team, the key cadres. Fuyang municipal Party committee, municipal government first to mobilize in maximum enthusiasm, guide the cadres to director with the important content of improving people’s livelihood, social progress and ecological benefit index as the cadre examination and assessment, use continuously strengthen routine assessment, the annual assessment, inspection of cadres, the party wind the assessment and other results, the cadre performance and promotion reuse closely together, effectively to create the performance of heroes, with the performance with a strong atmosphere of cadres. At the same time, improve the grassroots line of training and selection of outstanding cadres training mechanism of work, so that the grassroots level to become a front-line cadres of the melting pot, so that the Secretary, willing to serve the cadres have the opportunity to have a stage.

according to what we lack, what what principles, Fuyang city focus on the development of the cadre education training plan, the maximum lifting capacity, to ensure that the cadres to the director general. Through the center of the group theory study, Ying Huai auditorium, joint training and other forms of leadership, Party members to carry out with the promotion, full of good science, media guided "four" activities, with the latest theoretical achievements of the party’s armed minds to guide practice and promote the work. In the thousands of cadres into the university activities, the selection of more than 1400 cadres went to Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and other well-known colleges and universities to learn training. This year, the city has also focused on urban construction, investment and other thematic organization of more than 1000 cadres to carry out docking training in Hefei.

to maximize the environmental excellence, promoting cadres do, Fuyang City People’s mind, and actively create a delicate gas is in the general environment. They to three strict three scale, continue to deepen the education of wind, turn style, Qing government, fostering new action, through the construction of 100 experts forum, the efficiency of accountability and other activities and the "four, three, two, asked a lift" series of activities to further enhance the masses of Party members and cadres to learn, play, service, efficiency, integrity "five kinds of consciousness". At the same time, the establishment of long-term mechanism to maximize the power to shut the cage system, the protection of cadres is not an accident. Municipal Party committee is responsible for leading comrades to carry out independent interviews, the city and county leaders to carry out three warning conversation. Has established with the right system of land use for 34 of money, the introduction of leading cadres warning mechanism, measures for the implementation of "Four Party leaders are not directly in charge of" regulations, strengthen the county level party and government supervision and management measures for the implementation of 17 supporting system, last stand system recommendation

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