Hangzhou innovation and entrepreneurship lecture lecture talking about mobile nternet Marketing

what is the most prosperous business development? Of course, the Internet business. Many young Chong mouth said O2O, P2P and other fresh Internet vocabulary, while groping forward in the field of the internet. Hangzhou held a forum for innovation and entrepreneurship, teach you in the current era of Internet entrepreneurs, how to play mobile Internet marketing.

a "three minutes with you watching" flower and bone "" small video in three minutes of "a book" spend thousands of bone plots were outlined, and suggested that "the original novels to" read "," one day Sina micro-blog reading Volume 13 million 300 thousand, listed the Sina micro-blog hot topic third, two days to bring 20W APP downloads, also boarded the hot search list third apple store. This is a prominent veteran of social media players wear lu".

"App promotion marketing plan, the most important is to do brand communication and marketing promotion." Dai Lu said that if you can use a word to express what their products are, then the success of the brand communication is very close.

"three minutes with you watching" flower and bone "" how to create 1 days to complete the 15 million App exposure to 200 thousand downloads? Dai Lu said: "the original creative team with three minutes after you" spend thousands of bones ", but in fact only 2 minutes of video copy and put out the planning team, after discussion, the last minute simply on the screen" actually finished in 2 minutes! We decided to play the music! In the process of listening to music: you can directly point to the upper right corner of closed, can sweep the two-dimensional code download." This little detail brings a huge amount of downloads.

"Innovation Forum" will be held from time to technology development trend, innovation and entrepreneurial experience, business management and other aspects of the training, to provide zero threshold, for small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurial enterprises zero cost training opportunities.

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