Dong’e to carry out multi domain cooperation to optimize the entrepreneurial environment

in the management of the call of the spirit, entrepreneurship has become a whole society to participate in activities. Through the cooperation of finance, education, economy and other fields, we should optimize the business environment in various regions and promote the rapid development of China’s regional development.

Coordinate relevant units

the county continues to strengthen and finance and banking, by improving work efficiency, streamline business processes, improve processing speed, reduce the microfinance loan threshold, at the same time, good risk control, small loans to ensure that loans can be good, get back". The county and the business sector, the preparation of small and micro enterprise information questionnaire and related policies to understand the paper, and the relevant employment and entrepreneurship incentives to each business. At present, the company has been responsible for the 18 companies and related staff conducted a detailed exchange of entrepreneurial incentives for companies to send home.

base to provide free office premises and business students, zero water electricity, zero management fees, zero service fee and other basic office conditions and logistics services, can also enjoy the policy of industry and commerce, taxation, social insurance fee waiver, open entrepreneurship Easy Access and one-stop service, actively build a set of "policy consulting, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, mentors help, support and other full tracking incubator service platform, to provide low cost or zero cost business premises and business incubation services for business students.

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