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innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development, enhance the strength of the country has an irreplaceable role, not only the Chinese people in entrepreneurship, many countries have attached great importance to entrepreneurship. Australia’s well-known angel investor Terry  Hilsberg dialogue with entrepreneurs in Guangzhou, it is recommended to create a customer with an international perspective.

12 5, Terry  Hilsberg in "China good business competition" with Guangzhou local entrepreneurs and media people had a peak dialogue, the theme of "global market opportunities and challenges", he analyzed the current situation of the entrepreneurial environment in Australia, also put forward a series of proposals for local entrepreneurs he thinks, Australia and Chinese entrepreneurial team should be more out of the country, into the international market.

Hi Guangzhou: China this year before entering the era of innovation, and the development of Australia is much earlier, what is the local entrepreneurial environment now?

Terry  Hilsberg: Australia’s biggest problem – she is a very small country, entrepreneurs need to look for consumers and investors in a larger market. I think the main strengths of Australian entrepreneurs in terms of B2B, B2C will be weak. At the same time, the average age of entrepreneurs in Australia is 10 years older than china. Now almost all startups have a Chinese team.

Hi Guangzhou: China’s most popular areas of entrepreneurship must be the Internet, other areas are not so many entrepreneurs and investors to pay attention to, is Australia the case?

Terry  Hilsberg: we had a night before we can develop a APP era, and the next era is relatively difficult, entrepreneurs need to spend more time to do a project. I look at more than and 500 projects a year, starting from the easy to develop and consumer projects, gradually moving towards the enterprise and high-tech projects. This is good news for Australia, because there are many high-tech products. Someone asked me today, entrepreneurship success should be a pig or do the Internet? I said, pig, sheep can have some data to the cloud.

Hi Guangzhou: what are the advantages of Chinese entrepreneurs to enter the international market,


Terry  Hilsberg: at present, the vast majority of China’s team focused on the domestic market, they do not realize the potential in the international market is greater. We may not realize that there are a lot of Chinese people living in Europe and America, in fact, has formed a good market base. So I suggest that children go abroad to study, venture or return to the Chinese market.

Hi Guangzhou: recommendations for entrepreneurs

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