Guo Jingming’s entrepreneurial life

small time, the hit let people once again focus on the generation of talent Guo Jingming body, this looks like the boss of the college students, behind the bright also has an unknown entrepreneurial experience.


however, like almost all development entrepreneurs like Guo Jingming, today’s success is not achieved overnight.

"-" success did not let him. In an online game called "Wonderland", he got to know the high school student in Daqing, Hansy. Hansy good at design, he has a literary website, Guo Jingming read, appreciate, and therefore become friends. On the Internet, two young people with plans to set up a studio, which led directly to Hansy choose Shanghai for colleges and universities, "is a career with Guo Jingming".

One day,

2004 June 6th, this day, is Guo Jingming’s 21 year old birthday, but also he and Hansy, marks and other friends of the day to start a business with 5. They set up the island studio, the English name "I5land". "Island" series of success for Guo Jingming earned the first pot of gold in the course of career. His idea is very simple, "because love published in this industry, hoping to promote my ideas, I think China publishing industry in many aspects are still very traditional, though not backward, but the lack of a lot of fresh blood. I wish I could have more and more fresh things."

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