Deyang second youth creation contest started in September

today’s domestic every big city in hosting a series of youth entrepreneurship competition, is to further promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, recently in Deyang, held the second session of the youth entrepreneurship contest, attracted a lot of people in the crowd.

the hit off contest sponsored by the Deyang municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the Communist Youth League Deyang Municipal Committee, Deyang Municipal Science and technology and intellectual property bureau and the Deyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security. The contest is divided into registration, knockout, entrepreneurship training, the final stage, will invite business mentor team focused assessment and guidance of the project, will organize the entrepreneur (team) training, open policy propaganda, project guidance, brand promotion, project financing and other courses, face to help outstanding entrepreneurial projects "last km".

The contest is set to one or two, third-prize

, the winning projects will be respectively 60 thousand, 30 thousand, 10 thousand of the reward venture capital. To participate in the contest of quality projects can also apply for the "Sichuan youth entrepreneurship promotion plan" (SYE) project 3 to 100 thousand yuan interest free loans, guarantee startup funds, "one to one" business mentor twinning assistance policy. The winning project in Deyang city innovation incubation base, can also enjoy the rental and management fee waiver policy support; in the innovation of science and technology business incubator, can enjoy 42 months free rent, property management fees, basic network fees policy support.


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