Building a hotel atmosphere is very important

how to better the operation of the hotel, how to make the hotel business is more popular, each operator will have their own views. In the current market, in order to make the hotel business hot, many of the business strategies adopted, of which many professional managers are advocating the creation of the hotel consumer atmosphere. So, to create a hotel atmosphere is really important?

what is the importance of creating a hotel consumer climate? This is from the meaning of the atmosphere, the atmosphere refers to the hotel provides the environment, mood, the sum of the pattern. Starbucks (Starbucks) to provide us with a vivid example, Starbucks’s success depends entirely on its products? I do not fully agree.

It is a success in

, in addition to providing quality products and services, to create a unique Starbucks experience atmosphere, let the world become Starbucks store in addition to the workplace and living accommodation cozy third living space". Jesper Kunde in the "religious" pointed out: "the success of Starbucks, in the center of consumer demands from product to service, from the service to the experience in the era, Starbucks successfully created a" Starbucks experience "to create for the characteristics of the" coffee religion ". This is Starbucks’s success.

from this point of view, to create a unique consumer environment and atmosphere, will affect the rise and fall of an enterprise. In particular, the hotel industry is highly competitive, highly competitive today, the process of service is easy to copy, service facilities and equipment can easily be copied, but the unique atmosphere of consumption can not be copied. Starbucks is not equivalent to other coffee shop, other competitors can not copy its success. Thus, the importance of creating a hotel atmosphere is self-evident.

so, clear the atmosphere of their own can be provided for the hotel’s positioning and long-term development will have a very big role. Therefore, if you manage a hotel, in the atmosphere of consumption in this regard naturally need to spend more energy, so that the hotel business can be more prosperous development leap.

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