Guangxi to protect the environment in rural garbage disposal

life to produce a large number of domestic waste, construction waste, factory waste, these are inevitable things, for the timely removal of garbage, in order to effectively protect our environment. Reporters from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region housing and urban construction department was informed that Guangxi will start a comprehensive informal garbage dumps investigation and remediation work, the focus of the investigation object in addition to the provisions of the state, the urban environmental sensitive areas, highways, rivers, will also be a big town, village scenic area and rural tourism scenic spots include.

in May this year, Guangxi launched a comprehensive rural garbage disposal action. In accordance with the deployment, through two years of tackling, by the end of 2017, Guangxi will basically achieve 100% of the towns have garbage transfer or disposal facilities, 90% of the village garbage was effectively treated.

do a good job of garbage management, for the protection of the environment is of great significance, in life is not to be ignored, especially for rural waste treatment is not slack! For non regular garbage dumps, Wu Weiquan deputy director general of the Department of housing and urban autonomous region of Guangxi said that all localities should establish relevant work ledger for the investigation of the problem, find out a treatment, a; to be combined with rural garbage treatment two years tackling the job in the county as a unit, to further improve the county urban and rural garbage disposal plan and the disposal mechanism; at the same time, to establish a set of perfect and effective work system, to strengthen all aspects of supervision and inspection, the problems found to take immediate measures such as banning storage, effective rectification, so as to better maintain environmental health.

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