How to determine the entrepreneurial start ups City

now a lot of people to entrepreneurship is very confused, especially in the face of risks facing different investment entrepreneurs are different, for start-ups, entrepreneurial ideas have been, and angel investors or venture capitalists are settled. Where are you going to set up a business and set up a shop in the future, in fact, a successful enterprise should be able to be successful, whether it is a bustling metropolis, or a remote place. However, if you are able to make good use of the strategy at the time of choosing a location, you will be able to make your business grow faster and more easily find partners and market share.

1. contact with consumers

to America distance, most of the technology companies are willing to be based in the bay area, because here the most entrepreneurial atmosphere of science and technology. However, this place is likely to be far away from your target customers. You should look at other successful companies that are similar to your business and see where they set up their headquarters and whether they have succeeded. The best way to build a solid relationship with your target customers is face to face communication. And when customers have problems with your product, you should be able to help them in the first time. Once you have identified a location, you will be here for a long time to develop, no successful start-up is a place for a year. So you have to find a place to meet your business needs.

2. company affordability

3. business ecosystem

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