Manicure store pricing to do what work the whole


is very important to reasonable pricing, however, many shops are not able to achieve this goal, after all, want to price reasonable, but need to do a lot of work to do. In fact, we have a lot of factors affecting the pricing, the key is to give their own shops good positioning, know the advantages and disadvantages of their own shops, but also to understand the Manicure market situation, his shop around to know ourselves, the only way to make Manicure shop to make reasonable price.

1. do market research

grade nail shop to investigate and analyze, find out the difference between nail shop, as their own data reference. Customers are very realistic, if it is the two looks almost the shop, the customer will certainly go to the low price of the store to go!

2. do their own positioning

to do a good job of their own positioning, positioning in order to have a better strategy to do targeted marketing. Store decoration, nail division services, clerk words, professional technology and lighting settings, music standardization process, etc., are reflected in the grade of nail shop. These factors will also affect the customer’s service experience. So when you want to store the project pricing, we must take into account the store’s packaging image can not support the price. Your decoration and publicity are aimed at low-end consumer groups, then you can not sell 1000 products.

3. do not blindly cut prices

price war is only one strategy, but not the only strategy. Your price is 100 yuan, next to the nail shop price is $80, then you can not just want to lower prices to attract customers, so that the market will only do more chaos, the more rotten, and ultimately we can not make a profit. And to think about is how to make the guests feel at home to spend 100 yuan to spend at least $80 worth of other people’s homes. Customers questioned the price, in fact, I hope you give them a reason to pay more.

4. nail artist’s ability to enhance

nail art technology is one of the important factors to determine the price, but also the direct cause of customer satisfaction and store reputation. Therefore, we must ensure that the technical level of the nail shop, a good nail division can bring you a good reputation, a poor nail division can also hit your shop signs.

any one shop is not simply set a price not to do self promotion, will be able to obtain customer recognition. So, if you want to open a hot nail shop business, want to make the price more reasonable, the above four work also needs to be done in place, so it will help the development of the store oh.


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