Bikini top ten brands list

There are many ways

can be expressed in a sexy way, and clothing is a kind of choice for many people. The same is sexy, if the choice of underwear can best reflect a woman’s inner taste and temperament, then the bikini is the greatest extent to show her health and self-confidence of the external beauty. Since her cousin Liu Wen in the variety show to wear La Perla luxury one-piece swimsuit, La Perla swimsuit will be touted, and cause bikini attention frenzy. Here is a list of the top ten brands of bikini led La Perla.

bikini top ten brands No.1 La Perla

La Perla is one of the top underwear, women’s wear, swimwear manufacturer in Italy, because of its noble style and a long history, in the industry as the underwear goods, "Rolls-Royce". La Perla has a wide range of products, ranging from women’s underwear to pajamas, from swimwear to perfume and sexy stockings. She has a kind of attractive charm, gather "interest, sensibility, privacy, beauty" in an organic whole, deeply attracted every La Perla loyal supporter.

bikini top ten brands No.2 Victoria’s Secrets

The secret of

Victoria’s Secrets Vitoria is a popular underwear brand in the world, but now more and more attention to its swimsuit product line. This year’s Vitoria Secret Swimsuit Beach Party (Victoria’s Secret Swim Special) is the 13’s angel to the Caribbean island of St. Barths, will the angels on the island 10 days of life were swimwear no dead round record and reduction. The broadcast of the video will cause a global network of big traffic jams, the swimsuit brand can be seen as such a huge influence.

bikini top ten brands No.3 RELLECIGA

RELLECIGA Li Siya is the only one who only do Bikini French swimwear brand, has repeatedly landing in New York times square big screen advertising, the annual number of new development after Vitoria’s secret. Now RELLECIGA can have is a common choice for global Siya bikinis and supermodel star wearing body, in the industry known as the "underwear to wear VS, RC wear swimsuit" reputation.

bikini top ten brands No.4 Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny is a high-end swimwear brand in the United States of California, is one of Hollywood’s most famous swimwear brand, known as the "sexiest" swimsuit series, under the

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