2012 inventory entrepreneurial malpractice four sin

a lot of things are not as good as on the surface, as we all say that entrepreneurship is the same, entrepreneurship is to be considered again and again, but we can avoid some of the drawbacks to avoid.

One of the drawbacks of

to a lot of business people said, actually he does not love to work, just because of lack of funds, will not go into business. Beijing is still the chairman of the company, chairman of the storage of small and medium enterprises, said Ms. Ying Ying said that it is not an excuse to venture. She told the author that he started in the business, when there was only one desktop computer and two people together to squeeze in a rented room started a career. If you want to start the fund, all add up to less than 3000 yuan. Can you go, not to stop. Several years of hard work, not only the computer replacement, at the same time with their own small business operation business experience, summed up the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in the entrepreneurial process, finally opened up a space for themselves in the industry, and become the industry celebrities. Now more than one million fixed assets. She often say is: entrepreneurship does not need too much money, the key is that you have to put to death and then courage. If you have more money, you will have no business.

four Chong sin two entrepreneurial disadvantages: no money project


four Chong sin three entrepreneurial disadvantages: no confidence

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