Zhao Jiying will make the whole of big business A

is now a lot of people want to start, but you’ll feel that no choice, that is also not good to do, but also starting point not low, the content of science and technology into the need high requirements, all down, the results do not meet the requirements of the business opportunities. In fact, if we run the business is around us, even small businesses can also be bigger. Zhao Jiying is so, starting from the side dishes, through unremitting persistence, and ultimately made a big cause.

when the dishes to do a big business, the two venture to do the first

45 year old Zhao Jiying from rural Lishui. He was born in carpentry, in order to start a business, go to Yangzhou alone. Engaged in glass furniture processing, do the film and television, in the local industry has done the first. However, the rapid rise of these two industries, the decline was faster.

the next venture, we must find a way to go down the industry, to find their own career never fall." Then, he who chose the most humble pickles.

from Nanjing in 2001, "a piece of cake" Zhejiang dealers start. 10 years, Zhao Jiying gradually established their own "pickles kingdom", and expand slowly, "Dr. foster brand dish" high-grade camellia oil; from the beginning of the processing, brand management, step by step to establish their own production base, from processing to the sales process of planting and production monitoring.

two industry first choice to give up

1991, 24 year old Zhao Jiying came to Jiangsu, Yangzhou alone, using their own expertise to engage in glass furniture processing. After 4 years of hard work, Zhao Jiying glass furniture business in Yangzhou to do the first place, dug the first pot of gold to $70 thousand. It was a huge sum at the time.

from the beginning of 1994, the glass furniture industry began to decline. One night, Zhao Jiying to the villagers contracted to sit in the film and television, found that more than and 400 of the film and television hall, 4 yuan a ticket, almost every night out. Zhao Jiying forget it, you can earn more than 1 thousand per day, easier to make money than glass furniture.

so Zhao Jiying got into the video business. 1995 new year’s day, Zhao Jiying’s film and television Hall official business. However, less than 10 months, the film and television on the loss of $20 thousand. He found near the good business movie company video room has air conditioning, high back seats are soft seat; and their auditorium without air conditioning, seat and double seat chair hardwood simple.

find the crux of the year in October, Zhao Jiying borrowed 20 thousand yuan, put on a soft cotton comfortable sofa, business horse lit up. In the summer of second, he used the money he earned

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