2012 what are the small business projects better

2012 what are the small entrepreneurial projects worthy of attention? They have been able to bring what kind of wealth? We walked into the card together, the following is a small series for you to introduce some small projects.

personality Florist:

"animation" store:

2012 ranking since the "star of Saint Seiya", "slam dunk" and other animation works into China, the cartoon seems to heat up overnight. Simple and pure animation suddenly become the hottest woman. Animation game accessories store, from the comic world to find a commercial road, do not need a big investment, there is no technical threshold, but there are more and more broad prospects for development. How do you want to start a project? Open the animation store to maintain a young playful heart, animation store business must follow the trend of the game, the game is popular in the crowd, you have to sell it related products.

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