DY jewelry production into a new hot spot in the field of entrepreneurship

DIY elements into all walks of life, set off a new consumer fashion, jewelry industry is no exception. Today, DIY jewelry creative, whether it is between the couple or between parents like to do their own jewelry accessories to highlight the mind, so DIY jewelry production set off a wave of entrepreneurship.

The shopkeeper said

from the daily shopping mall at the reporter also learned that the mall launched DIY package has also become one of the jewelry store selling products. The staff told reporters, the number of online message, QQ consulting and telephone DIY accessories package details more than usual nearly two times, and orders online also a sharp rise in sales, is expected to exceed the level of the mall.

"DIY products to enter the threshold is not high, easy to experience shallow weak entry groups of young entrepreneurs. Our mall sales of DIY jewelry package which contains the necessary tools for the production of jewelry, as well as a variety of styles, materials, jewelry parts, for consumers to produce jewelry. In addition, taking into account the majority of young customers, we have to take the low-cost retail, so that both they are consumer or business, can bear less economic pressure." Daily shopping mall official told reporters.

many commercial street are recommended

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