The disabled Shencanzhijian also start assembling wire box

each person’s entrepreneurial path is difficult, far less so smooth. Recently, the reporter went to the Lai Fang Xiang Lai Wu Cun Qingliu County, into the villagers Lai Jianming "family workshop". />

1988, Lai Jianming Lai Wu Cun was born in an ordinary family, the father is the village cadres, mother at home farming. When Lai Jianming was two years old, his parents found that his two legs were not as long as they took him to the hospital. After a number of treatment, Lai Jianming right heel is still unable to land.

2011, Lai Jianming graduated from Academy College, Shijiazhuang Medical School of stomatology. Because of physical disabilities, unable to find a job he decided to return to business.

32 year old Shen Yuzhen, is one of the skilled workers in the family workshop of Lai Jianming. She has 3 children, the biggest this year, at the age of 13, the youngest of the age of 6, are in school. Although the work of her husband sent back to two thousand or three thousand yuan monthly living expenses, but the family has the old under the small, the burden is not light.

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