Open mobile phone shop mainly rely on what to make money

is now a lot of people talk about the opening of a mobile phone shop, want to make money is naturally selling mobile phone. If it has always been this idea is undoubtedly not enough understanding of the industry. So, open mobile phone shop mainly rely on what to make money? Let Xiaobian for you popularity.

is now more and more mobile phone shop, whether it is a physical store or shop, almost every day there is a new mobile phone shop, as ordinary consumers will ask, open so many stores, can make money? Open mobile phone shop rely on to make money? In fact, mobile phone and mobile phone products futures are very similar, the purchase price is not immutable and frozen, often floating dozens or even hundreds, open mobile phone shop to buy when the purchase price is cheap, sell when prices go up, so in order to maximize profits.

but this is not all the money to make mobile phone shop.

According to a

mobile phone workshop teacher said, now sell mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone repair is much less than the money, now the price dropped lower and lower, in some supermarkets, within a price of 1000 yuan mobile phone profits may not exceed 5%. But repair the phone’s profit is as high as a few hundred percent, for example, a Ericsson T29 C new machine price is now the lowest 470 yuan or so, which is only a few tens of billions of profit. This type of second-hand goods purchase price less than 150 yuan, mobile phone repair shop to the second-hand goods after the split, the assembly offer in the customer’s mobile phone up to hundreds of yuan, a hundred yuan of second-hand mobile phone brings thousands of yuan of benefits for businesses in the repair shop may.

in a mobile phone shop staff said, now one of the most important reasons is the high maintenance costs of mobile phone accessories nervous. At present, the majority of mobile phone manufacturers in the fastest speed, the maximum amount of the product to the market, the number of maintenance for little accessories, this is sometimes a key accessories price is equal to a cause of the price.

can be seen, if you are ready to open a mobile phone shop, just want to sell the phone to make money, then your goal may be difficult to achieve. Of course, if you are ready to open a mobile phone shop, but it will not repair the phone, then now feel learning.

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