School season more than college students cheated

who is experienced the cruelty of the college entrance examination, admitted to a satisfied school; someone is at home after a long time can finally rest at home for a few months, and in the end of the summer, became when students return to campus. And now it is the school season, many students have gradually embarked on a journey to school, which was originally a happy thing, but these students have suffered an unfortunate scene……

in Sichuan, a freshman Hao Xiaofei (a pseudonym) would like to earn a part-time living expenses, but they fall into the trap of a liar trap, more than 3 yuan tuition cheated all the light in Mianyang. He made a special trip to Beijing to find a liar, I did not expect to encounter a series of fraud. On the phone is bound to bind the bank card, Grandpa and grandma only 8000 yuan deposit was turned away, leaving only $0.54.

8 19, the University of Shandong, Linyi girl Xu Yuyu received a phone call at the beginning of the 171, on the other end of the phone claiming to be the Bureau of education, there is a grant can be sent to Xu Yuyu. In accordance with the requirements of Xu Yuyu will be 9900 yuan remitted to the other side of the account only to find themselves cheated. That night, Xu Yuyu on the way home to report a sudden cardiac arrest, died after the hospital died.

8 in Shanghai on Sept. 24, sophomore student Xiaowen (a pseudonym) tickets after receiving fraudulent messages, each claiming to be the airline customer service, canceled flights to Xiaowen, do change can obtain compensation on the grounds of the ATM machine, according to the prompts induced by small text. The small annual tuition was transferred out of 6100 yuan.

students for a long time in the campus, the consideration is their school things, for the complexity of the society is the slightest do not understand, will become the object of cheating liar. In short, to the beginning of the school year, the college freshman curtain opened in succession, but also a new era of high incidence of deception. Posing as staff into the bedroom selling and paying tuition disappear without a trace…… These seemingly incredible scam, but again and again appeared in front of us. Don’t wait to be deceived, so……

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