Three college students on the streets to sell Stinky tofu build up the family fortunes

has no low occupation. Now a lot of people in the choice of occupation is not how high salary, but the name of work to be decent, especially college students, many parents think students should be sitting in the office at the computer, drink tea kind, but nowadays, this possibility has been zero.

lock Stinky tofu project

experience sold out of stock

project is determined, on the left to find the store. Rent a shop, the boss that Zhang Shengji Liu Zhidong is a college student, to support their business, to store the transfer fee to 80 thousand yuan from 120 thousand yuan, only one condition is that the boss selling fried potatoes in the next to next June. Coupled with the cost of raw materials, store rent, transfer fees, a total of three people invested about $95 thousand. Two weeks ago, stinky tofu shop finally opened. In order to save costs, three people reluctant to ask employees, two people take turns to work every day, every week each holiday for two days, Sunday. Fried tofu due to excessive inhalation of fumes, Liu Zhidong disease, wearing a mask to fried tofu, did not say a few words "cough".

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