Wuhan Qing Tong plan to help students start the project

for entrepreneurs, to seek investment is an important part of the entrepreneurial career, related to the idea of entrepreneurship can become a profitable project from a thinking. Wuhan provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to communicate with investors, helping young entrepreneurs who attract investment.

10 on the afternoon of 22 May, Wuhan, Optics Valley venture diagnosis about the coffee scene, one of the entrepreneurs with their own projects and investment managers, investment director face to face exchanges, listen to the views of investors. The certificate of capital investment manager Qin Jiaze was sweating hot, while listening to the project while entrepreneurs in the book record.

10 19, in the "Internet plus car · Tong Hui, graduated from Huazhong Normal University computer 80 Jia Bangbao, with a smart parking parking project application — every day, with a 1 minute roadshow, received 5 investment invitation letter.

support "Qing Tong Hui" is "Qing Tong plan". As Wuhan encourage the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship landmark projects, Qing Tong plans to set up 50 million yuan of special funds, mainly for college students in Optics Valley innovation and entrepreneurship projects, to provide the loan subsidy, rent subsidies, subsidized loans and housing security and other support. In response, Optics Valley encourage various types of market players to invest in the construction of various types of incubators, incubator employees to encourage entrepreneurial incubator incubator".

the government of Hubei province in the fertile soil, offers a variety of entrepreneurship policy support for university graduates, entrepreneurial atmosphere actively promote the construction of scientific and technological innovation, technology innovation, continue to attract young entrepreneurs settled in Hubei, to achieve a win-win situation of entrepreneurs and the development of regional economy.

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