Nantong industry and commerce to actively promote the reform of the commercial system

now governments implement some measures to reform and improve their efficiency, promote the development of the entire society, industry and commerce, now in some places to some social enterprises or entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurship provides a very convenient measure.

in the first card photo registration system, entrepreneurs should be engaged in need of pre license approval production and business activities, must first by the competent department of licensing, to bid for the business sector business license. While waiting for the licensing process, due to the lack of light is often difficult to carry out recruitment, rental, construction, loans and other preparatory work. Late last year, the city to undertake national and provincial level reform issues, the first time the implementation of the first photo after the approval of the directory, to promote the rapid reform of the landing. After the first photo card reform, entrepreneurs as long as the business sector to obtain a business license, you can engage in general production and business activities. If you want to engage in production and business activities to be licensed, and then apply to the competent authorities. Waiting for permission, entrepreneurs can be set to carry out preparatory work for the time for the early development of the enterprise. Up to now, the city has handled the first photo card business license of nearly 8000.

"three in one", refers to the issuance of the business license, issued by the original Industrial and Commercial Bureau the Bureau of Quality Supervision issued by the organization code certificate and tax department of the tax registration certificate 3 card into 1 card. The realization of "three in one" registration system, set up a "single window", the applicant is required to completely change respectively to Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, tax bureau and Local Taxation Bureau to apply for the. The applicant had to run five or six times, now only two times, the original need to take the fastest in the past 1 weeks, and now the fastest only need to be 1 days. The city since April 15th issued by the first "three in one" business license has been issued since the "three certificates" business license 716. In addition to Chongchuan District, county (city) District of "three in one" has been fully implemented. 14 Rudong County township has achieved the "three in one" registration.


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