Open a lamp shop decoration and opening of the notes

with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, in the furniture on the requirements of the people has gradually improved, a lot of people want to have better furniture, then open a lamp shop how to decorate? Opening and matters which need attention? Today is to tell a lighting store business and investment in people, the shop decoration and during the opening, you need to pay attention to the


decoration notes:

(1) ceiling height not less than 2.8 m;

(2) store decoration should not be too bright, do not have too much natural light;

(3) ceiling and wall lighting installation location should take full account of the size of the reserved area. Not less than 0.5 meters wide of the wall, ceiling grid not less than 0.8 square meters, has the condition in a prominent position should be reserved for the 4-6 block size of 1 square meters of the headlights; (4) the main color decoration color should be a secondary color, no more than 2. The color is too much too complex, will play the opposite effect; (5) the shop layout should be reasonable, should be light or a relatively large volume of products, accounting for the significant position, while other products around them to make more use of the corner, and the cylindrical placed lights.

preparation before opening:

(1) do more publicity, try to expand influence;

(2) can be considered to do some special products, allowing consumers;

(3) for all aspects of procedures, such as industry and commerce, tax license, to avoid unnecessary trouble; (4) decoration store, keep clean and tidy; (5) in advance of after-sales service plan, and strictly implement.

this time is about the business furniture shop need to pay attention to in the decoration and business place, thank you very much for your patience in reading, in fact there are many small content not listed, if you want to start better to go on, it is best to choose a reliable brand items, so you can get more join support.

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