What type of entrepreneurship

once a lot of people have the idea of entrepreneurship, will soon be put into practical action, the entire entrepreneurial market does not understand, leading to their own career success will be greatly affected. So, if we want to get through the entrepreneurial success of life, naturally also need to understand the specific business situation, know what kind of business they belong to. So, what kind of business?

first type: vendor type entrepreneurship

consumers for the vendors will not be unfamiliar, this business model will haunt the crowd gathered in places, such as the night market, scenic spots, stations and so on. There are two types, one is in the form of carts, catering mainly to the sale of goods, such as Roasted Chicken, USDA omnivorous, breakfast; the other is to use a big towel or big box, will be placed in the ground or goods of specific local display and sell such goods, clothes, cover and contain everything. Hair, glasses, leather and so on are.

to join the ranks of the vendors, agile, have good ears and eyes are necessary conditions. If there is an entrepreneur if the lotus lotus skills, I believe the results can be absolutely quack. But business quite a body vendors, but also pay attention to the epidemic, so unless the sale of goods is in my hand the production of goods, otherwise engaged in this industry vendors or strong and more suitable for young people.

second type: home based business

home business is the most important feature of the home as a place of work, so the store rent costs saved. As long as 50 thousand yuan can do poineering work in the home industry, mainly domestic, drawing design, after-school, talent class. The main limitation of this way is to have enough professional ability or technology, such as engaged in the translation of the text, the foreign language ability must be better.

in addition, this type of entrepreneurship work in their own home, so there is no supervision, comparison is not easy and people, so for inertness to have enough restraint, avoid being mocked, family in the TV play to temptation and delay work. Home based entrepreneurs, must to develop their own customers, they will be rebuffed or nothing happened, so there must be a positive and optimistic attitude.

third type: business venture

this type of entrepreneurial way, as in the company to work, not to sell their own products, although the wholesale or production, but the source is the source of their own entrepreneurs can grasp. This type of entrepreneurs are generally in the form of joining or agency entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs to invest in this model of entrepreneurship, the most important thing is to focus on the quality of service, because it is difficult to control the quality of the goods, relative to the quality of service is important.


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