Small loans for grassroots entrepreneurs dream

in the face of increasingly severe employment trouble, quietly in the employment market is already under way to fight. To support themselves, seeking a way out, many grassroots entrepreneurs began to venture. Small loans for them to open up and expand the production of a helping hand.

in the development of micro credit in Jiaxiang county to further simplify the application procedures, the implementation of loan information, accept one-time inform, without violating the policy provisions and loan risk control, loan procedures and information to achieve the most simple. Development of rural credit cooperatives, postal savings bank of Jining, BOC Fullerton village bank and other 4 banks handling bank for small loans, every Monday, three, five fixed to the county microfinance loan center to receive loan acceptance materials, immediately assigned to each branch point, open up "Easy Access" and promised to deal with time, establish "time table" on the acceptance, investigation, review, approval, loan and other aspects of time tracking, greatly improving the work efficiency.

in the media publicity, many entrepreneurs will start small loans on their own sources of funding. Of course, small loans also have certain conditions, applicants should pay attention to the latest local regulations.

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